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Program of Events

12 March
Speaker Area ¹2
Representatives of the Department for Support of Farming, Co-operation and Development of Rural Areas
12:00-12:20Minimum viable product. How to start your own product, if you are a manufacturer and are processing (on the example of the grass business).
N. Kvitka, Owner, Svit Kvit
12:20-12:40Prospects for growing pistachios in Ukraine. Sweet potato is a potential competitor of classic potato.
12:40-13:00Paulownia is a new direction in agribusiness.
D. Zoria, Official Representative, Paulownia Clone in Vitro 112®
13:00-13:30Agrifranchise of a snail farm.
S. Danileiko, Head, RAVLYK-2016 farm
13:30-14:00Is it possible to get a profit for a farmer, making spices? Agritourism as a kind of agribusiness.
V. Shakalo, Founder, Shafran Lubymivskiy farm
Opening address.
S.M. Shupyk, Deputy Director of the Department of Support for Farming, Co-operation and Development of Rural Areas — Head of the Department of Agricultural Support of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine
Modern farming: diversification to achieve rural development goals.
O. Borodina, Head of Department of Economics and Policy of Agricultural Transformations, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Corresponding Member of the NASU, Institute of Economics and Forecasting of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Eligibility of members of URC and farms in carrying out activities in the field of rural green tourism in Ukraine.
O. Hafurova, Doctor of Sciences, Professor of the Acad. V.Z. Yanchuk Department of Agrarian, Land and Ecological Law, the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine
Basic requirements of food law to business entities dealing with food products.
N. Shchyrova, Expert at the Directorate for Food Safety and Quality, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine
Road map for rural tourism development in the community.
V. Vasyliev, Head, Union for Promotion of Rural Green Tourism Development in Ukraine
Features of educational programs for sustainable rural development: US experience.
T. Kalna-Dubiniuk, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Head of the Department of Agricultural Consulting and Tourism, The National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine
Rural tourism: points of growth.
P. Yarmii, Head, Agency for Regional Development of the Taurida Territorial Communities Association, Vice-President of the Taurida Tourist Alliance, Initiator of the Greenways Salt Road Project
Apitourism and its important place in the tourism industry.
O. Lokutova, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor of Agrarian Consulting and Tourism Department, The National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine
15:30-15:50Senior Experts Service (SES).
R. Lowañk, Coordinator of the European Office, The Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
15:50-16:10European programs to support small and medium-sized businesses.
L. Yevstratov, Investment Promotion and Project Management Division, The Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
16:10-16:30Increasing the business literacy of agricultural producers through a training game.
A. Osmak, Savings Banks Foundation for International Cooperation SBFIC
16:30-17:00Tips for corrugated packaging: how to deliver vegetables and fruits intact.
A. Rebro, Deputy Head of Corrugated Packaging Plant, Kyiv KPC Pulp Mill Holding
13 March
Speaker Area ¹2
Entering export markets and export features.
EU market and requirements for products, market entry conditions for the following commodity groups: vegetables and fruits, animal products, processed products.
Retail, examining problems from the other point of view.
10:50-11:20From goat to cheese — it's very easy!
V. Tsvyk, Founder and Owner, Zinka™
11:20-11:40Problems on the way to retail and ways to resolve them (salads and greenery example).
O. Shkribliak, Co-Founder, Fresh Salat, Zaporizhzhya Region
11:40-12:00EU market and regulations.
H. Perepelytsia, Expert on Export Issues, Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
12:00-12:20Strategy for the development of the market of snails in Ukraine through farmers' associations.
A. Dziuban, Co-founder, Tante Snails
12:20-12:40The history of the cooperative organizations — from creation to construction of the own berries freezing shop.
T. Andriichuk, Member of Board of Directors, Freezing Shop Head, Faina Poliana Farming Cooperative
12:40-13:00Cooperation of berry, bee and dairy farms in Ternopil region, expediency and benefits.
I. Velyhan, Head Executive, Faini Gazdy Farming Cooperative
13:00-13:30Cooperation of farms and agriholdings — myth or reality?
V. Martiuk, Director of the Charitable Fund, MRIYA Agriholding
13:30-14:00Agricultural co-operation: legal pros and cons.
M. Dvorak, Lawyer Executive, Mykhailo Dvorak & Partners law office
14:00-14:30New technologies and innovations in modern berry business.
14:30-15:00Video production and Youtube promotion.
O. Roslov, Director, Inter TV Channel, Interschool